ASP.NET MVC 5X & AngularJS 1x Documentation


ASP.NET Zero is a starting point for new web applications with a modern UI and SOLID architecture. It implements basic/common requirements of a line of business applications. You get it's source code and develop your business application on top of it for saving your valuable time to focus on your own business code.

In this document, you will find the below topics:

  • Getting Started to download and run the source code.
  • Development Guide to understand the solution structure and start your development.
  • Step by Step Development tutorial leads you to develop a multi-tenant, localized, authorized, configurable and testable application step by step.


Change Logs

See the change logs to learn the features released with the previous versions.

Road Map

See the road map for some planned features for next releases.

Old Documents

Click here for documents older than v6.2.

External Links

ASP.NET Zero is developed based on the ASP.NET Boilerplate web application framework and the Metronic UI Theme. So, you can refer to their web sites to learn more about capabilities of ASP.NET Zero, other details and UI options.

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