Road Map

We are constantly getting feedbacks from our customers to improve ASP.NET Zero. Here, some of the features will be implemented in the next versions:

  • PayPal recurring payments.
  • .NET 9 upgrade.
  • Power Tools enhancements
  • User Sync/Link feature
  • Tenant login page customization
  • Orderable menu items
  • Code Analysis Rules
  • Coupon for Subscriptions
  • Send error messages via email
  • Improvements on current features
  • More tutorials, examples & video courses

We are adding new items here as we clarify them. All these features and much more will be available also for current customers in their upgrade period.


  • Major features are only being developed for ASP.NET Core + jQuery and ASP.NET Core + Angular versions beginning from v4.1. See version comparison table for more.
  • The items on road map are subject to change based on customer feedbacks and our internal decisions.
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