Power Tools Master Detail Tables

You can create master detail tables using Power Tools.

To create master-detail tables you can follow these steps.

  1. Creating a child entity You should create necessary child entities using Power Tools You can follow that documentation and create an entity. For example: Rad Tool Child Entity
  2. Creating a base entity
    • Open new entity generator. Fill your base entities' information.
    • Select Create Master-Detail Page then you will be able to see Navigation Property (1-Many) tab Rad Tool Child Entity
    • Then go to that tab, Click Add Table and select the child table that you previously created. Rad Tool Child Entity
    • Then you can generate the base entity Rad Tool Child Entity

After that you can use new master detail page.

Rad Tool Child Entity

Note: You can create list views for child entities too. Power Tools will change base entity page and child page. It will add base entity to child entity as a navigation property.

Rad Tool Child Entity

(If you manage child entity in base entity page everything about the base entity will be automatically managed.)

Rad Tool Child Entity
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