About Deployment

If you have merged Angular UI project into ASP.NET Core project then you only need to publish your .Host project. After publish .Host project, you should copy files that are in .Host/wwwroot/dist folder to publish_folder/wwwroot.

For example: Move files in .Host/wwwroot/dist to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\my-website\wwwroot

We are using angular-cli for development & deployment. Angular CLI has it's own build command that can be used to build your application:

npm run publish

This command uses dist folder as output. Just remember to change assets/appconfig.json file with your own configuration.


Angular CLI uses AOT (Ahead of Time) compilation by default. You can add --no-aot parameter to the ng build command to disable it. But we recommend AOT feature since it has significant performance gain.

Be aware that, if you don't configure email settings, some functions like new tenant registration may not work.


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