Deleting a Person

Let's add a delete button in people list as shown below:

Delete person

We're starting from UI in this case.


We're changing phonebook.component.html view to add a delete button (related part is shown here):

<h3>{{"AllPeople" | localize}}</h3>
<div class="row kt-row--no-padding align-items-center" *ngFor="let person of people">
    <div class="col">
        <h4>{{person.name + ' ' + person.surname}}</h4>
    <div class="col kt-align-right">
        <button id="deletePerson" (click)="deletePerson(person)" title="{{'Delete' | localize}}"
            class="btn  btn-outline-hover-danger btn-icon"
            <i class="fa fa-times"></i>

We simply added a button which calls deletePerson method (will be defined) when it's clicked. You can define a permission for 'deleting person' as we did for 'creating person' above.


We're using LESS files for styling the components. We created a file named phonebook.component.less (in phonebook folder) with an empty content.

/* styles */

And adding the style to the phonebook.component.ts Component declaration:

    templateUrl: './phonebook.component.html',
    styleUrls: ['./phonebook.component.less'],
    animations: [appModuleAnimation()]

Now, we can now see the buttons, but they don't work since we haven't defined the deletePerson method yet.

Application Service

Let's leave the client side and add a DeletePerson method to the server side. We are adding it to the service interface,IPersonAppService::

Task DeletePerson(EntityDto input);

EntityDto is a shortcut of ABP if we only get an id value. Implementation (in PersonAppService) is very simple:

public async Task DeletePerson(EntityDto input)
    await _personRepository.DeleteAsync(input.Id);

Service Proxy Generation

Since we changed server side services, we should re-generate the client side service proxies via NSwag. Make server side running and use refresh.bat as we did before.

Component Script

Now, we can add deletePerson method to phonebook.component.ts:

deletePerson(person: PersonListDto): void {
        this.l('AreYouSureToDeleteThePerson', person.name),
        isConfirmed => {
            if (isConfirmed) {
                this._personService.deletePerson(person.id).subscribe(() => {
                    _remove(this.people, person);

It first shows a confirmation message when we click the delete button:

Confirmation message

If we click Yes, it simply calls deletePerson method of PersonAppService and shows a notification if operation succeed. Also, removes the person from the person array using lodash-es library. We also added an import statement before the @Component declaration:

import { remove as _remove } from 'lodash-es';


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