Power Tools

ASP.NET Zero Power Tools is a Visual Studio Extension that can automatically create an entity and its layers from the database to the user interface. So, you can create a fully working, production ready CRUD page in seconds.

Power Tools Marketplace

Notice that the Power Tools is only available for ASP.NET Core templates, not available for ASP.NET MVC 5.x templates.

Pre Requirements

Download And Install

If your project version is 5.0.0+, all you have to do is just install the ASP.NET Zero Power Tools extension on Visual Studio from marketplace or from Visual Studio's Extension and Updates menu.

If you are a non-Windows user, you can use binaries of ASP.NET Zero Power Tools included in your ASP.NET Zero solution. See Development Guide for Mac/Linux

Extension installation


You can see ASP.NET Zero Power Tools in action by watching the quick introduction video YouTube video. This video demonstrates some of ASP.NET Zero Power Tools features starting from its installation on Visual Studio.

Power Tools demonstration

For the detalied usage of ASP.NET Zero Power Tools, you can watch the detailed introduction video.

Power Tools demonstration

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