Deleting a Metronic Theme

Metronic theme currently has 12 different themes and AspNet Zero includes them all. However, you might want to use only specific themes and delete some others. This document explains how to delete a theme option from AspNet Zero. In this document, deleting Theme2 will be explained. You can apply same steps to delete other theme options.

  • Go to *Application.Shared project. Open AppConsts.cs and delete Theme2 field.
  • Go to *.Web.Core project.
    • Delete Theme2UiCustomizer.cs
    • Open UiThemeCustomizerFactory.cs and delete Theme2 code parts in GetUiCustomizerInternal function.
  • Go to *.Core project. Open AppSettingProvider.cs and delete GetTheme2Settings function
  • Go to *.Web.Mvc *
    • Go to **Areas -> AppAreaName-> Views **folder
      • Go to Layout folder
        • Open _ThemeSelectionPanel.cshtml and delete Theme2 related code parts
        • Delete Theme2/_Layout.cshtml file.
      • Go to UICustomization folder
        • Delete _Theme2Settings.cshtml
        • Open Index.cshml and delete Theme2 code parts
      • Go to **Shared -> Components **folder. Delete AppAreaNameTheme2Brand AppAreaNameTheme2Footer folders.
    • Go to wwwroot -> metronic -> themes folder and delete theme2 folder.
    • Open bundles.json. Search Theme2 and delete all founded bundles.

Just note that, if you are deleting a theme on an already published application, don't forget to delete records with the name equals to "App.UiManagement.Theme" and name starts with "Theme2.*" in AbpSettings table.

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