Creating the Page

After creating the menu item, we can create an empty page.


Creating the PhoneBookController under Areas/App/Controllers folder in the Web project:

public class PhoneBookController : PhoneBookDemoControllerBase
    public ActionResult Index()
        return View();

We inherited from PhoneBookDemoControllerBase (will be YourProjectNameControllerBase for your projects) instead of MVC's standard Controller class. While it will work if we derive from the standard Controller, PhoneBookDemoControllerBase provides very useful base properties and methods. So, always inherit from this class unless it has a disadvantage for your case.


Creating an empty view, Index.cshtml under Areas/App/Views/PhoneBook folder:

@using System.Threading.Tasks
@using Acme.PhoneBookDemo.Web.Areas.App.Startup

ViewBag.CurrentPageName = AppPageNames.Tenant.PhoneBook;

<div class="kt-content  kt-grid__item kt-grid__item--fluid kt-grid kt-grid--hor">
    <div class="kt-subheader kt-grid__item">
        <div class="kt-container ">
            <div class="kt-subheader__main">
                <h3 class="kt-subheader__title">
                <span class="kt-subheader__separator kt-subheader__separator--v"></span>
                <span class="kt-subheader__desc">
    <div class="kt-container kt-grid__item kt-grid__item--fluid">

We set ViewBag.CurrentPageName to the current page's name to automatically highlight the related menu item when this page is active. Now, it's time to run application and see the new phone book page:

Phone book empty screen

Menu item display name and page title are localized. Try to change UI language to see difference.


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