Filtering People

Now, we will implement search functionality of GetPeople method. UI is shown below:

Searching people

We added a search input to filter people (showing the related part of the code):

<div class="kt-portlet">
    <div class="kt-portlet__head">
        <div class="kt-portlet__head-label">
            <h3 class="kt-portlet__head-title">
                @L("AllPeople") (@Model.Items.Count)
        <div class="kt-portlet__head-toolbar">
            <div class="kt-portlet__head-actions">
                <form action="@Url.Action("Index")" method="GET">
                    <div class="input-group">
                        <input id="FilterPeopleText" name="Filter" value="@Model.Filter" class="form-control"
                            placeholder="@L(" SearchWithThreeDot")" type="text">
                        <span class="input-group-btn">
                            <button id="FilterPeopleButton" class="btn default btn-success" type="submit"><i
                                    class="la la-search-plus"></i></button>
    <div class="kt-portlet__body">

And added Filter property to the IndexViewModel:

public class IndexViewModel : ListResultDto<PersonListDto>
    public string Filter { get; set; }

Lastly, changed PhoneBookController's Index action to pass the filter to the IndexViewModel:

public ActionResult Index(GetPeopleInput input)
    var output = _personAppService.GetPeople(input);
    var model = ObjectMapper.MapTo<IndexViewModel>(output);
    model.Filter = input.Filter;

    return View(model);

That's all, It works! (Notice that; PersonAppService.GetPeople method was already using the input.Filter as we implemented it before).


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