Saving Person

Finally, we can save the person when user clicks the the save button. We implement it in the _CreatePersonModal.js file:

(function($) {
    app.modals.CreatePersonModal = function () {

        var _modalManager;
        var _personService = abp.services.app.person;
        var _$form = null;

        this.init = function(modalManager) {
            _modalManager = modalManager;

            _$form = _modalManager.getModal().find('form');

        this.save = function () {
            if (!_$form.valid()) {

            var person = _$form.serializeFormToObject();

            _personService.createPerson(person).done(function () {
            }).always(function () {

In the init function, we got a reference to the form and enable validation.

In the save method, we first validate the form. Then we convert the form to a javascript object (since server waits for JSON). Then we use PersonAppService's createPerson method to save the person. setBusy method automatically disables save and cancel buttons. In the done method, we simple reloaded the page to show new user in the page (In a real application, we could add new person to the page dynamically using jQuery)

Notice that; We used PersonAppService's createPerson method directly from javascript. This is possible by ABP's dynamic javascript proxy system.


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