Organization Units

Organization units (OU) are used to hierarchically group user and entities. Then you can get user or entities based on their OUs. When we click Administration/Organization units, we enter the related page:

Organization units page

Here, we can manage OUs (create, edit, delele, move) and members (add/remove).

OrganizationUnitManager is used to manage OUs, UserManager is used to manage OU members in the code. OrganizationUnitAppService performs the application logic.

In the left OU tree, we can right click to an OU (or left click to arrow at the right) to open context menu for OU operations. When we try to add a member, a modal is shown to select the user:

Select a user dialog

This is actually a generic lookup modal and can be used to select any type of entity (see Areas\App\Views\Common\Modals\_LookupModal.cshtml and it's related script file). To select the users, we created FindUsers method in CommonLookupAppService then configured the modal to work with this method (see view-resources/Areas/App/Views/OrganizationUnits/index.js file for usage of lookupModal.open).

See organization unit management document for more information.


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