How to Create & Edit Power Tools Templates

Power Tools uses text templates for code generation, and these templates are located inside /AspNetZeroRadTool/FileTemplates directory in your project's root directory.

MainTemplate.txt: Power Tools uses this template for main code generation. PartialTemplates.txt: Power Tools renders some placeholders in MainTemplate.txt conditionally. These conditional templates are stored in PartialTemplates.txt. TemplateInfo.txt: Stores information about the template like path and condition.

Folder structure

Folder structure

Edit Pre-defined Templates

If you want to edit any file, copy it in the same directory and change it's an extension to .custom.txt from .txt. For example, you can create MainTemplate.custom.txt to override MainTemplate.txt in the same directory. Please don't make any changes to the original templates.

Edit Template

Create New Templates

To create new templates, simply add a new file to the FileTemplates directory. You can use the existing templates as a reference. For guidance on how templates function and how to use placeholders, please refer to the documentation provided at Understanding Power Tools Templates.

Power Tools discovers templates in the FileTemplates directory every time it is run. So, restarting Power Tools will find your newly created templates.

Change Destination Path Of New Files

To change the destination path of a template, find the template folder of it in AspNetZeroRadTool/FileTemplates directory and edit the content of TemplateInfo.txt file.

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