Authorization Provider

Authorization system is based on permissions. AppPermissions contains constants for permission names and AppAuthorizationProvider class defines all permissions in the system. We should define a permission here before using it in application layer.

See authorization documentation to learn how to configure permissions.

Feature Provider

AppFeatureProvider class defines features of the application for multi-tenant applications. Feature names are defined in AppFeatures class as contants.

See feature management documentation to learn how to define and use features.

Setting Provider

Every setting has a unique name. Setting names are defined in AppSettings class as constants. All settings and their default values are defined in AppSettingProvider class.

See setting documentation to learn how to create and use settings.

Navigation Provider

Menus are automatically generated using definitions in AppNavigationProvider class. We have two menus: Main (the main menu in the backend application) and FrontEnd (Main menu in front-end web site).

See navigation documentation for more information.

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