Default route for AccountModule is the login/login.component:

Login page

The tenant selection section above login section is shown only in a multi-tenant application and if "tenancy name detection" is not possible from url (for example, if you use subdomain as tenancy names, no need to show a tenant selection). When we click Change link, tenant change dialog appears and we can change the tenant. There is a single tenant named Default in the initial database. Leave tenancy name input as blank to login as host.

We can use admin user name and 123qwe password in first run the application.

If you select "Should change password on next login" while creating a user, the user will see the change password screen. This is not selected for initially created users.

Change password

After the login, we are redirected to the application (app.module).

User Lockout

You can configure user lockout settings on Settings page. Users are locked out for specified duration if they enter wrong password for a specified amount of times.

Both values can be configured under the Security tab of Settings page in the application.


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