Account Controller

AccountController provides login, register, forgot password and email activation pages.


Account management pages have a separated _Layout view under Views/Account folder:

Account Views

Related Script and Style resources located under view-resources/Views/Account folder:

Account view resources

As similar, all views of the application have corresponding style and script files under wwwroot/view-resources folder.

Login Page

Main view for AccountController is the Login page:

Login page

The tenant selection section above login section is only shown in a multi-tenant application and if "subdomain tenancy name detection" is not possible (See host settings section). When we click Change link, tenant change dialog appears and we can change the tenant. There is a single tenant named Default in the initial database (See Entity framework section for initial seed data). Leave tenancy name input as blank to login as host.

We can use admin user name and 123qwe password in first run the application. At first login, we should change admin password since 123qwe is not very secure:

Change password

After changing password we are redirected to the backend application.

User Lockout

Users are lockout when they enter wrong password for a specified count and duration. You can configure lockout settings in the settings page of the application.


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